Be Leaf is dedicated to creating delicious, plant-based soup bases and seasonings. Be Leaf "meats" are 100% vegan and made from top-shelf ingredients. Always.

We are all about providing healthy food for a healthy diet and lifestyle, and we won't compromise on flavor. Ever.



Discover our New Line of Meatless Offerings.
Our delicious selection of Be Leaf Meatless items are made from
Natural Ingredients that look and taste like real meat.

Vegan Bacon
Chick'n Ham
Vegan Bacon
Vegan Chick'n Ham
Ribbon Fish
Vegan Shrimp
Vegan Ribbon Fish
Vegan Shrimp


Be Leaf’s Premium Broth Base & Seasonings and K-Cup Soups are available here NOW!

You Can SHOP ONLINE to get the Ultimate Vegan Products!

The Premium Vegan Broth Base & Seasonings are made from natural, plant based ingredients. 
Just pop open a container, add water and enjoy full bodied soups and seasonings 
for casseroles, side dishes, gravies and more.

Available in three delicious flavors, vegan chicken, vegan beef and mushroom flavor.

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